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Aerial View of a Swimming Pool

pool repairs

Taking care of your pool equipment is just as important as regular cleaning and maintenance in terms of keeping and enjoying a healthy pool, long-term.

Take a look at what we offer, from pool pump repair to light fixture replacement. Whatever you need, we have your back (and your pool's).

pool pump

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

  • We repair all pump components: pump lids, baskets, housings, impellers, diffusers, seal plates, motors, mechanical seals, and o-rings

  • We also offer complete pump replacements

Pool Filter

Filter Clean, Repair & Replacement

  • We clean filter cartridges, DE, and sand filters

    • We take them apart, fully rinse all parts down, put back together, and start back up.

  • We repair all filter components: pressure gauges, air releases, manifolds, grids, cartridges, bands, band o-rings, filter bodies, etc.​

  • We also offer complete filter replacements

pool heater

Heater Repair & Replacement

  • We repair heater components including igniters, flame sensors, temperature sensors, pressure switches, bypass kits, control boards, key pads, blowers, gas valves, etc.

  • We also offer complete heater replacement, including new water plumbing, gas plumbing, and electrical

Pool Automation

Automation Control Repair & Replacement

  • We program automation control systems and setup wireless remotes, including your phones and tablets

  • We repair all automation conrol parts including control boards, antennas, remotes, control panels, relays, temperature sensors, valve actuators, etc.

  • We also offer complete automation control system replacement with a new, upgraded system

salt system

Salt System Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

  • We clean salt cells with a soft acid bath to clean calcium and debris buildup

  • We also offer replacement of sensors, flow switches, salt cells, unions and control boards

Pool light

Pool Light Repair & Replacement

  • We repair pool light components including light bulbs, lenses, gaskets, and bands

  • We also offer light fixture replacement

Satisfaction Guarantee

If something's not right, we'll take care of it ASAP

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